Meet the Founders – Daniel Peters


Menswear designer, the founder of the Fashion Minority Report, and the FMA Founding Member, Daniel Peters, shares his vision for making the fashion industry an equal space for marginalised voices. 

Let’s talk about the beginning of your career. How did you get started in fashion and what first ignited your passion?

I was exposed to fashion from a young age, as my mother would often be creating a garment for a friend or family member. It was this visibility to the world of craft that really pushed me to enrol at the Fashion Retail Academy, in London. My time at the FRA really taught me first-hand knowledge about what goes into making a business tick over.

Who inspired you when you started out in the industry and how did you open the door to get in?

Instead of people, it was the product and varying roles in the industry that really opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in fashion.
My first big break came at the age of 19 when a 6-week showroom assistant role at Burberry came available. And through a recommendation and some personal grit and determination, I bagged the job that went on to last for nearly 4 amazing years.

What has been your best learning experience to date working within the industry?

Burberry really set me up for understanding the industry and gave me an incredible foundation to build upon. Having worked across showrooms, events and the runway show production, I had firsthand opportunities to learn from some of the most switched on minds across the business.

If you could go back in time, and give some advice to your younger professional self, what would it be?

Be more Beyonce. Plain and simple.

What would you say were your “milestone moments” so far?

Launching the Fashion Minority Report in July 2020 has without a doubt been one of the biggest milestones of my career to date. I’m proud that out of a very problematic day, that I’ve been able to push through with something that can make a difference to diverse voices in the fashion industry.

What has driven your success?

As I’ve moved throughout the industry, it’s been great to see past colleagues and people I admire go on to smash glass through ceilings, but what has been most inspiring is how they’ve used that success to inspire and uplift others. I strive for growth in my own professional career so that I too can do the same!

Do you have any hints or tips you can share for young people within the Black and minority community wishing to work in the industry?

One thing that I stand by, is that you are only as good as the last job that you did. I heard this many years ago from a colleague, and the words continually ring true. It’s essential that we always put in our best efforts to get a brilliant job done, as it’s what people remember us for.

What are you hoping the Fashion Minority Report will achieve?

My main objective for the Fashion Minority Report is firmly rooted in making the fashion industry an equal space for marginalised voices. There is a great deal of work to be done, but with the help of others and a clear vision, I’m certain that change is on the horizon.