International Women’s Day Inspiring Girls In Beauty & Fashion


Fashion Minority Alliance champions equitable representation of underrepresented young people who are told that the creative arts are not for someone like them or feel these industries are not for them…So Of Course we spent International Women’s Day at a girls’ school careers fair!


Creating a fashion and beauty industry that looks like the streets we walk along is possible. Inroads can be made through inspiring, highlighting, investing time and empowering underrepresented young people who may feel these industries are not for them. This is why we gathered some incredibly inspiring women, from across the spectrum of the fashion, beauty and creative sectors, and headed to an inner city girls’ high school.

Thank You to our conscious guests Afua Hagan, Alexis Cepeda Maule, Dawn Mason Inc, Lois and Shade for helping to change the equation and ensuring an incredibly inspiring and informative day for 1000 teenage girls!

By investing time and resources in empowering young people from all backgrounds, we can create a future where the creative industries truly reflect the diversity of the world around us.