Event Production

What is it?

As a fashion event producer, you could be involved in putting on a fashion show or fashion week event, product launches, award ceremonies, and much more. It can be a high-adrenaline, fast-paced career where you’ll be collaborating with many different people to ensure that the event comes together on time and on budget.


The career ladder

You might start out your event production career assisting on an event that is being organised in your local area. From here, you can work your way towards managing certain responsibilities with an event (for example, becoming a backstage or front-of-house manager) then eventually running and overseeing your own events.

The larger the event, the more moving parts there are. At the top of your career as an event producer, you might be putting on large-scale events for thousands of people.

Daily tasks

In the lead up to an event, an event producer will spend their days planning the logistics of the event, managing budgets, and hiring specialists to arrange the catering, building the event space, setting up sound, lighting and music, booking models, as well as hair and make-up teams.

Event producers also need to consider the health and safety of their attendees and staff, ensuring that any risks are managed so that accidents are prevented. On an event, a producer spends their time ensuring that all the moving parts are in place so that the event runs smoothly. It’s a highly collaborative job — they often manage large teams and delegate tasks to others. After an event, a producer gathers feedback and insights to report back to the client.


A career highlight for a fashion event producer would be running a big event that they’re passionate about with a great team.

What should you study? What skill do you need?

You don’t need a university degree to become an event manager, but studying a diploma or short course in event management or hospitality might set you on the right path. Many of the skills you need can be developed by volunteering and gaining experience in the job.

Event producers are incredibly organised and detail-oriented. They are able to multi-task, problem solve, plan ahead, think strategically, and work well with other people.


Event producers have to have good leadership skills and the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. They have to be good with numbers and spreadsheets to manage budgets and keep on top of their tasks.


Want to learn more?

Want To Learn More Event planners are always looking for volunteers to assist in a range of roles, from backstage dressers to front of house support. If you have the time, apply to volunteer and try your hand at different types of event production roles to understand the skills needed to succeed in this career.

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