Fashion Communications and Marketing

What is it?

Fashion communication is the process of understanding how different media types can be used to communicate with a desired audience. You may do this by projecting a lifestyle image or creating a feeling. This process could involve many areas like branding, styling, photography, copywriting, PR and visual merchandising. The marketing aspect is all about promoting the brand or retailer in order to raise awareness and sell products. This can be done through a number of different channels like social media marketing, newsletters, working with content creators, billboards, content marketing and more.

The career ladder

There is no set job role or description for fashion communication; it will depend on which area you choose to specialise in. However, most employers and businesses will require similar, transferable skills across all the different areas. Though a degree is not essential to secure a role in fashion communication and marketing

you’ll need to decide which area you’d like to specialise in. You can then look at potential career routes that could look like this.

Daily tasks

On a daily basis, a fashion marketer will be launching, monitoring, and reporting results of marketing campaigns, such as the launch of a new product or a sale. They’ll be collaborating and meeting with different teams across the company to ensure that the messaging and scheduling is cohesive and aligned, as well as sharing the results of their marketing initiatives.

They will also do some copywriting, social media community management, all while keeping an eye on new trends and events happening in fashion for inspiration.


Many people in this career will study a marketing degree, where they’ll learn general skills that can be applied to most industries, including fashion. Fashion communications and marketing courses could also be a good way to develop the skills as well as the fashion industry insights that will help you in your career. To work in marketing, you’ll need great written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and strong organisational skills. You will need to come up with new ways to market products, so a sense of creativity and an eye for design will come in handy too.

Want to learn more?

Get your feet wet! If you’re keen to try your hand at marketing, try offering to set up and manage the social media accounts of a small business in your community to get some experience. You could also reach out to local businesses and schools and offer to write press releases for their events and launches.

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