Fashion Film

What is it?

Got a passion for videography? Maybe working in fashion film is for you. Being a fashion filmmaker exposes you to a wide variety of exciting opportunities.

You might create advertising campaigns for fashion brands, film catwalk shows at fashion week and other fashion events, produce fashion documentaries or come up with your own concepts to put together creative fictional films.

The career ladder

Many fashion filmmakers start their careers as a runner for a production company like a TV network or creative agency that produces films and advertising. From working with light and sound to production and post production to technical audio visual knowledge to software expertise there are various roles and career pathways that underpin a fashion film career that spans a mix of technical, creative and business.

Daily tasks

Every day looks different when you’re a fashion filmmaker. One day you might be planning and storyboarding a concept for a client, and the next day you might be shooting or editing films.

Filmmakers often work collaboratively with many people, including stylists, brands, models, and actors once they have developed a concept based on the client’s brief. This role will include liaising and coordinating many moving parts to bring together a final product.


For many fashion filmmakers, a career highlight would be to work on films where their creative skills are explored to create a film that perfectly represents their vision.

What should you study? What skill do you need?

You can study film at university to become a fashion filmmaker, however other creative degrees like fashion communications could give you the skills you need to succeed in this role.

Fashion filmmakers have to be extremely creative and open to experimentation, as practicing different techniques of filming and editing will help to develop your own individual style and voice.


Research skills also come in handy, as does the ability to communicate effectively and accurately fulfil a client brief. Fashion filmmakers also need to be able to use editing software and understand the technical elements of film cameras.

Want to learn more?

Check out fashion film studios like Nowness and Show Studio. Invest in a camera that allows you to film (or use your phone) to create and shoot your own concepts. Download film editing software to experiment with piecing together stories and study as many films (fashion and otherwise) from a wide range of genres to explore different styles of filmmaking.

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