Fashion Photography

What is it?

A fashion photographer’s role isn’t just to take beautiful photos — there’s a lot more to the job than meets the eye. From scouting for shoot locations to creative direction, a fashion photographer has a lot to prepare before they step behind the camera. Fashion photographers are often self-employed, so they’ll take on work with clients (a brand, publication, or event) on a project basis.


The career ladder

Because fashion photographers tend to be self-employed, there isn’t a traditional career ladder that they can climb. Instead, what changes as a photographer becomes more skilled throughout their career is the scale of projects that they take on. When starting out, a photographer may work for local businesses or organise their own shoots, and as they gain more experience, they may take on more prestigious clients and work with bigger budgets to achieve their goal.


Daily tasks

When a fashion photographer receives a brief from the client, they plan and execute the shoot, then manage the post-production phase too. At the start of your career as a fashion photographer, you might have to wear all of these hats, but once you’re more established or working with a bigger budget, you may recruit other people to fill these roles.

No two days are the same when you’re a fashion photographer. You might be shooting on location one day and then editing photos from your office the next day. This role can include lots of travel and the opportunity to collaborate with many interesting people.


For many fashion photographers, working with brands or companies that give their creative freedom is one of the most fulfilling and exciting parts of the job.

What should you study? What skill do you need?

Studying a fashion photography degree or short course is a great way to learn the technical skills needed to be a fashion photographer, but this role is also one that can be learnt without a degree. Fashion photography is an extremely creative career, so it’s important to practice and experiment with different styles and techniques to develop your “eye” for the job.

This will help set you apart from other fashion photographers when you become known for a particular visual aesthetic.


To be a fashion photographer, you should have a solid understanding of lighting, ISO, composition and photo editing. In this role, you’ll have to be adaptable, energetic, detail-oriented, and a team player.

Want to learn more?

Practice makes perfect. If you’re interested in being a fashion photographer, invest in an entry-level camera (or even use your phone camera!) to start developing your skills. Discover the work of famous fashion photographers like Tim Walker, Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, Nick Knight, Richard Avedon and many others. Contact a local photographer to start assisting on photo shoots so that you can observe a professional in action

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