Public Relations

What is it?

Working in fashion public relations (PR) is a popular career path for many aspiring fashion professionals. Essentially, a fashion PR is responsible for helping to promote a brand or company in order to sell its products. They might work for a PR agency that has a range of clients, or for an in-house PR team at a brand. Fashion PRs communicate with journalists and influencers to spread awareness of a brand in order to help generate attention through events, media (traditional media like newspapers and magazines and social media) and press days.

The career ladder

Fashion PR is a competitive industry to break into and often it can be difficult to determine what steps will help you transition to the industry. There is no set route to becoming a publicist but

most PRs start their career as an intern or press assistant for a brand or an agency that represents multiple clients. It’s a wide-ranging role that can cover everything from press to events

management, marketing campaigns to crisis communications and reputation management. The first jobs are usually admin-focused and any agency or client hiring a fashion publicist will want to see that you have a genuine interest in the industry and a good understanding of how it works. 

Daily tasks

On a daily basis, a PR might be pitching stories about their client to the media, or creating press releases to announce the launch of a new collection or another exciting initiative. PRs often organise and run events on behalf of their client, which involves securing venues, creating a guest list, and managing the smooth running of the event.

If you work for an agency, you’ll probably work with more than one client, meaning you’ll be juggling many different projects at once. In fashion, PRs also ensure that magazines or celebrities that are wearing their client’s clothing for a shoot or event receive the garments.


PRs often get to work on exciting activations like fashion week and launch events, working with many people from the industry including journalists, influencers, and celebrities. Getting to work with a brand or company that they’re passionate about is a career highlight for many PRs.

What should you study? What skill do you need?

You don’t have to study PR to enter the industry. In fact, a degree in fashion communications, journalism, marketing or business is a great way to develop the skills you need to become a great PR. There is a degree of writing involved in the work of a PR, so PRs have to be very confident communicators.

They have to multi-task and manage different clients at once, so PRs are organised and enjoy working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. PRs are great at networking and building relationships with different people in the fashion industry, so a passion for working with others is a must in this field.


PRs collect what they call “press clippings” from magazines and online publications that feature their clients work. Nowadays, most coverage is online, but PRs used to have to “clip” mentions out of the newspapers and magazines to show their client!

Want to learn more?

A career in Fashion PR is one of the most popular within the fashion industry. The general purpose of those working in all PR role is promoting the brand, which does not only mean organising an event when launching a product but taking care of the whole image of the brand and how clients, industry insiders, editors and, in general, everyone perceive the brand. The end goal of a PR is taking care of all the communications of a brand.

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