Justin Haynes Named Sustainable Designer Of The Year


American designer, Justin Haynes, has been named the Sustainable Designer of the Year at the recently held 8th annual Global Sustainable Fashion Week (GSFW) in Budapest, Hungary. As the event’s guest of honor, he introduced his work for the first time in Central Europe.

Haynes, a master tailor, is both the founder and creative director at the helm of the JUS10H fashion house. He shows his menswear and womenswear lines are born from his passion for artistic expression, preservation of the environment, and for reducing fashion’s carbon footprint. He creates impeccably tailored and re-imaged looks, which are each an undeniably timeless commentary on style rather than fashion.

“As I celebrate here the 15th year anniversary of the founding of Jus10H, I say that I am equally humbled and honored to have the award of ‘Sustainable Designer of the Year’ bestowed upon me here in beautiful Budapest, Hungary”, stated the designer. “This exciting experience of showcasing my work at the Global Sustainable Fashion Week is one that may only be described as incredible.”

The JUS10H brand is defined by its notably vibrant colors, elegant patchworks, rich fabrics, sharp cuts, and appealing volumes. Each season, Haynes effortlessly combines his DNA codes into contemporary looks with an ineluctable classic vibe.

Haynes, who shows twice a year at the New York Fashion Week, is a member of the powerful Council of Fashion Designers of America association. Though his steady rise to fame over the years officially began fifteen years ago, his passion began much earlier.

In an exclusive interview over breakfast with the designer at the lavishly opulent Mystery Hotel, he explained further, “I’ve known since I was about 11 years old and when I was in 6th grade that I wanted to become a fashion designer. However, it was upon my matriculation in high school where I developed the notion of the style that has led me down the path that I have followed”.

During the awards ceremony, GSFW Founder & President, Dr. Gabriella Manyi-Walek, commented, “We are thrilled to have with us a designer of the caliber, reputation, and vision of Mr. Justin Haynes. We are about building bridges not only among our own industry specialists in sustainability, but bridges that reach far across foreign waters. We are well pleased that our efforts and mission have been heard around the world and reached the ears of Justin.”

The designer’s vision and dedication to environmentally safe fashion production methods have not gone unnoticed among major players. Both he and his work have appeared on the covers and in the pages of illustrious American publications including Rolling Stone Magazine, Forbes, Men’s Health, Billboard Magazine, Vogue Teen, Hip-Hop Magazine, etc.

Jus10H’s growing celebrity fanbase already includes movie stars like Winston Duke (Black Panther; Avengers: Infinity War; Us; Avengers: Endgame amongst others); the actor, rapper and television host Nick Canon and actress/rapper Briana Roy (Reclaim, Raven’s Home, etc.).

Over the years Haynes has extended his brand’s reach through creative collaborations with top names including Adidas (Brazil), Saucony and Roca Wear. And most recently he added new collaborations with New Balance and GOLA!

Haynes unveiled the latest opus of his vision in the form of his much-anticipated debut fashion show in Hungary and held at the historic Fuga Hall. Part of the collection was created in the colors of Air France as a way to celebrate the French airline carrier’s commitment to Justin’s vision and to its partnership with the GSFW.