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Institute of Digital Fashion is looking for IoDF In-house Producer.

You should be a FMA member in order to see a full vacancy and apply for the job.

Key responsibilities

  • To build on the BOH systems and core architecture of BOH, including project status, work sheets, finance systems and budgets plans for IoDF to be used company wide, for this to be implemented in the first month and to be kept up to date and populated by the head of production.
  • To create a strong timetable of production, including calendars for all teams, these must include a daily and weekly and monthly schedules.
  • IoDF Team/ people status to be always kept in a status sheet, ensuring we have enough team and people in the pipeline for future jobs/ services; Team status to be led by and developed by the producer. IE; needed team, current team, dream team. Including actioning directors to research future team members and talent, this should be a weekly function by directors.
  • IoDF x LCF internship program, to be monitored; Actioning updates, re-posting roles, processing interns roles, this to be led once a week led by the producer casting an overview.
  • For emails to land on directors when necessary, not frequently, to have a clear system of replies and catching of all info before it hits directors.
  • Company growth; For future Industry opportunities to be strategized by core team at least once a month, managed and led by producer.
  • For IoDF for the head of production to onboard all new members with a welcome pack and their own emails.
  • To allow directors to have a light touch on all BOH and initial setup of projects, and production.
  • For budgets to have live and predicted for each project, all invoices mapped to each project with a clear project reconcile and company wide reconcile.
  • For IoDF to have a clear social and PR schedule, i.e. going out on time and the right content.

IoDF Producer Outcomes

  • To streamline the directors time, taking tasks away from the directors to allow for clear headspace.
  • For IoDF to have confident systems through the business that gives an overview of each project completely micro and macro.
  • For IoDF teams time to be mapped at all times for 2 weeks min ahead.
  • For production to be organised for each project and for teams to have schedules of their times daily and weekly including calendars and project sheets.
  • For new business to be earned by the directors reach outs at least once a week.
  • Working with the comms team and for comms external to be mapped 4 weeks ahead on social including MailChimp, TikTok and LinkedIn.
  • For BOH finance, budgets, production and team to be streamlined and manageable, this to be a light touch for the directors.
  • For the directors to be able to see what the head of production is doing clearly in the Head of Production calendar.
  • For the IoDF mission statement and board to be built out, book at once a month a project plan for this with directors.


The essence of the job at a high degree of specificality, What must be accomplished. How to fulfill the job and how to operate and the best descriptions of the behaviours of the

  • Efficiency, Timekeeping to be perfect, Tight streamlined comms, attention to detail, never miss
    a thing, always check 3 times before sending or saying things out loud. Be prepared before calls,
    Always early never late. After every call, the meeting has a brief and overview in hand, this is a
    second nature habit.
  • Honesty, Especially with time, and ability to deliver, we want a hard realist, this also feeds
    into the directors aspirations who often think they can deliver more in one day than possible,
    work smart, book i support. Ask questions, if you do not know, grow rather than faking your
    way through a task.
  • Organisation and planning, Plans and is organised, have confidence in their budgets,
    schedules, making processes, is streamlined and detailed, focuses on key priorities. Everything
    up to date always, never misses a thing they say they will do, keep a tight calendar and
  • Attention to detail, This is a key skill that can not be overlooked. Does not let important info slip.
  • Dedicated, believes in the work we are delivering, and works with us to succeed. Always
    looking and thinking in tune with IoDF.
  • Aggressiveness – moves quickly and takes a forceful lead on decisions.
  • Intelligence, Learns quickly and demonstrates the ability to quickly and proficiently,
    to understand and absorb information.
  • Analytical skills, To be able to structure and process qualitative or quantitative data and draw
    insightful conclusions.
  • Persistence, To find and seek out the info needed even if it doesn’t show itself at first, to keep
    going through difficult projects.
  • Proactively, to look beyond the usual places for info, to be innovative and thinking fast, never
    to cut corners but to think freely and widely on how to solve problems.
  • Calm under pressure, To be cool and calm always.
  • Strategic thinking, not to think the obvious route, to think hard and deep and look at the
    end goals we are trying to achieve, not to be short sighted with conclusions.
  • Enthusiasm, For IoDF this should be something you are proud of, that you tell people
    about, and a big focus for you, other projects are exciting but we want someone who really
    cares and wants to build this with us.
  • Work ethic, to be strong and hard working, to want to achieve the highest
  • High standards, Everything you do with IoDF should be your best work, nothing less.

Additional information & How to apply

  • Pay: £30- £40,00.00 annual PAYE / Invoiced monthly.
  • Duration: x5 days a week with check call 9AM daily with Directors, unless specified not to.
  • Contract: Contracted for 1 year, based on a 2 month trial and weekly sign in to see if key deliverables are being met and both parties are happy.
  • Starting date:  during 01 /21

*This position means you also get to sit on the board of IoDF.

ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: contact@fashionminorityalliance.com