In Defence of Corporate DEI


Corporate DE&I is under attack and the continued backlash against progress, by those who benefit from the old unjust system, is building more intense momentum.

Opponents of inclusive business practices are no different to any other backlash that has ever existed; The abolition movement was “divisive.” Anti-lynching activists were “subversive.” Civil rights activists were “communists.” The Black Power Movement was “radical.” Talking about Black history is “Marxist.” Dog whistles, together with the dehumanising language that masquerades as a remedy, but is in fact used to play on anxiety, is being used to discredit DE&I. So, what can we do?

What Is Diversity?


Actual definition: “The condition of having or being composed of differing elements, especially the inclusion of people of different races cultures, etc. in a group or organization.”

Backlash definition: An anti-white conspiracy to replace white people through immigration laws, affirmative action quotas and corporate DEI policies.

What is Equity?

Actual definition: “Justice according to natural law or right, specifically freedom from bias or favoritism.”

Backlash definition: The attempt to create a Marxist society that produces the same outcome for everyone.

What Is Inclusion?

Real definition: “The act or practice of including and ac people who have historically been excluded (as because of their race, gender, sexuality, or ability).”

Backlash definition: The act of excluding intelligent white people by ignoring their merit.


How Can We Fix This?

While the solutions to the problems of white supremacy and the patriarchy are complex, there are three things you must remember when addressing a backlash:

• Don’t bother telling the truth! When a backlash becomes part of the culture war, the truth becomes meaningless. Ida B. Wells spent years tabulating the statistics to prove that lynchings were not associated with crime, to no avail. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s letters did not bring racist people to their senses. Numerous studies show that police violence is not associated with crime rates but no one cares.

• Don’t wait for other people…ACT: The expectation that there is something that will suddenly change the minds of your opposition will leave you sorely disappointed.

• Keep fighting: Progress is slow but the whole point of racism, sexism, ageism, classism, ableism, and all the other “isms” is to slow progress and protect inequality.

As we navigate the complex landscape of DE&I, understanding and addressing the backlash is paramount. By acknowledging the tactics used to discredit inclusive practices, we can better equip ourselves to promote genuine progress and equality in the corporate world.

Remember: Change may be slow, but the fight against discrimination is worth every effort.

Stay informed, stay engaged, and keep pushing for a more inclusive future.