FMA Education Listening Forum


The FMA is taking positive steps towards understanding the barriers for people from minority groups to have fair and equal access to education in the fashion industry.

We are hearing lived experiences directly from students, teachers and alumni across the UK and beyond, to talk openly and safely about systemic issues in education systems – at all levels from Primary and Secondary schools through to Universities. Hearing all voices directly and building relationships with education systems at large, is the first step towards making meaningful change for greater equality and diversity in the fashion industry.

Education Listening Forum is the event created by the Fashion Minority Alliance with a desire to encourage young people to talk about the problems that occur both at the individual level as well as in the industry. Instead of initially asking a question and providing a straightforward answer, the FMA wants to be an active listener and observe how the participants come to the solution on their own, and as an active listener, FMA can offer universal solutions, later on, applicable to everyone in the fashion industry.

The FMA will conduct the online sessions via Zoom from 20th April to 6th May.


Please register for the event on one of the following links:

20th April – Primary School Students

Register here

22nd April – Secondary School Students

Register here

27th April – University Students

Register here

29th April – Primary School Teachers

Register here

4th May – Secondary School Teachers

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6th May – University Professors

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Please join forces with us for an inclusive conversation with the FMA on this important topic!