Fashion’s Future | Next Gen Talent


The fashion industry will be shaped by a combination of factors. One of which will be the next generation of consumers and fashion industry talent who will reshape the ethos of fashion and how it is consumed, made and approached.


Our Fashion Futures Programme – an intersection between Art & Careers initiative – held its latest series of high school workshops and panel talks at Clapton Girls Academy earlier this month. We were honoured to have renowned fashion industry guests Maliha Shoaib, (Vogue Business) Alexis Maule, (Reformation European Managing Director), Charlie Spencer, (Aisle8 PR Director), Ewart Campbell, (Talent Development Consultant) and Lorna Valcin, (Employment Lawyer for freelancers in the creative industries) alongside the Art|isan Life team.

The workshop kicked off with an insightful discussion on our panelists’ industry pathways – tidbits included working for an unknown senator from Chicago called Barak Obama to selling clothes to residents on their housing estate – followed by how to translate passions into a job, the realities of working in the creative field and tips to use to get your foot in the door amongst other topics. It was followed by our hands-on maker session that saw students transform Art|isan Life leather waste kits into stylish key rings and pencil cases! Not only did the students learn about sustainable fashion solutions but they also gained valuable craft skills and a boost to their self-esteem!


The most humbling part of the day? Hearing the feedback from the students! Thank You to all the panelists, you made a difference.

” I learned that there’s lots more jobs in the fashion industry than I thought.”
“I really like how they were advising us to follow our passion. Also appreciate your time for us – thank you!”
“Everyone who came in was very nice and they informed us about their jobs…I always thought that you are stuck at one job and one position but that’s not true and it’s better to get as much different experiences as you can.”
“I never really thought about inclusivity before but it makes sense that everyone should have the same opportunities and we shouldn’t be afraid to be different and accept difference.”
“I really liked the workshop today, there were people from different backgrounds with different journeys into the industry. It was very inspiring to hear people’s stories.”
“I found the talk very inspiring and it made me think about doing fashion in the future.”


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