Fashion Minority Alliance ELEVATE Bootcamp


It was an honour to work with our project partner WeRise Brixton to deliver the Lambeth Council ELEVATE Creative Bootcamp. Together, with a host of incredible creative industry professionals, we created a week long bootcamp.

The bootcamp was meticulously designed to equip our participants with a diverse set of skills and knowledge. It encompassed an array of development workshops, including sessions on CV writing, mastering interview tactics, personal brand development, styling expertise, social media proficiency, and best practices in content creation. Participants also delved into the fascinating realms of CAD (Computer-Aided Design), photography, technical loom work, pattern cutting, garment deconstruction, and sewing techniques.

To ensure the right mixture of creative arts and challenge the bootcamp revolved around our White Shirt Challenge. This challenge not only introduced the basics of fashion design to our cohort but also presented them with the task of deconstructing a white shirt and using its components to fashion an entirely new garment. The White Shirt Challenge served as a platform for participants to push their creative boundaries, explore innovative design concepts, and apply their newly acquired skills in a real-world context.

The energy and dedication exhibited by our participants throughout the week were truly inspiring. Their unwavering commitment to learning, coupled with the guidance of our industry experts, ensured that each day of the bootcamp was a testament to their passion for creativity and their thirst for knowledge.