What is it?

 If a fashion company was a person, branding would be their wardrobe. A career in branding is all about the visual identity of a brand. This is a big-picture role where you ensure that every touch point a brand has to their customers, like shops, social media, all marketing and events is consistent and communicates your intended message.

Fashion branding covers everything from your logo and fonts to brand colours, store layouts, campaign imagery and more. Working in fashion branding means being able to distil your brand into a few key words and then communicate this in everything you produce.

The career ladder

A career in fashion branding is closely linked with marketing teams in many companies. You may beging your career in a marketing, journalism or public relations internship then work your way up to a branding role from there.

Daily tasks

On a day-to-day basis, someone who works in fashion branding will be liaising with lots of different teams across the company, from marketing to visual merchandising and design. They will be planning and overseeing the execution of new brand initiatives, like the launch of a new collection, then ensuring that the end result reflects the original concept laid out by the creative director or designer.

Branding experts also spend some time analysing the fashion industry to discover new and exciting opportunities for the brand, such as a new communications platform or product category that aligns with the company’s aesthetic and ambitions.


Working in fashion branding is a fulfilling career path where you can see the impacts of your ideas translated in real-life.

What should you study? What skill do you need?

Many branding experts get into this career through a marketing background, but you could also complete a journalism, graphic design, or business degree at university to develop the skills needed to work in branding.

To be a successful at fashion branding, you need to have a creative mind and decisive visual style, be able to think about the big picture as well as minute details, and communicate effectively with many different people. Because fashion branding covers many elements all at once, you have to be a good multi-tasker to succeed in this career.


Because fashion branding covers many elements all at once, you have to be a good multi-tasker to succeed in this career.

Want to learn more?

Start to pay attention to the advertising you see around you, in newspapers, magazines, and online. If you removed the logo, would you still be able to identify the company? That’s the sign of good branding!

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