Fashion Minority Alliance New Talent x Amazon


Earlier this autumn Amazon Fashion EU invited the Fashion Minority Alliance to create a Christmas Gift Guide that was produced by and would showcase young talent working within the fashion sphere. Using the Fashion Minority Alliance Directory of Members we shortlisted an FMA dream team of talented creatives and enlisted the skills of Brilliant Nyansago to style, recent graduate Mathushaa Sagthidas to shoot and Beth Fraser brought in to illustrate.

Following on from the Christmas that wasn’t in 2020, we felt that whilst creating a Gift Guide that highlighted some of the amazing products available through Amazon, our focus would be on producing something visually joyous.

“It was an absolute honour to have styled the Fashion Minority Alliance x Amazon Fashion EU Gift Guide, along with such an amazing group of talented creatives. The freedom we were given to create something unique was refreshing and sharing the message of ‘Peace, Love & Gifts’ was perfectly fitting after a trying year”, shared Brilliant Nyansago.

The Amazon Fashion, presented by Fashion Minority Alliance ‘Peace, Love and Gifts’, Gift Guide features some incredible finds from brands that we love, including Tommy Hilfiger, Converse, Levi’s, Pinko, Ugg, United Colours of Benetton and hidden gems from the likes of Swarovski, Latelita and Rachel Jackson. Brilliant edited the finds to cater for a variety of budgets, ensuring that the pieces selected highlight conscious gifting, which we see as thoughtful selections that will be cherished by the recipient.

Vibrant creative still life images, captured by Mathushaa, are festooned in traditional icons of Christmas, all wrapped up in a big red ribbon boldly illustrated by Beth.

“Being the photographer for the Fashion Minority Alliance X Amazon Fashion EU Gift Guide has been an incredible opportunity. We created something fresh and conceptual – it was so much fun working with Brillant and Beth to produce something a bit different, modernising the traditional Christmas campaign”, said Mathushaa.


The Gift Guide was presented to fashion editors as a tool to highlight key styles available from Amazon Fashion, for their publications wider seasonal guides and kicking off the festivities with a private dinner at Bocca Di Lupo with the creative team all in attendance.

We would like to thank the dream team, Beth, Brilliant and Mathushaa for their talent and dedication to the project, creating something that is as beautiful as it is useful, extending further thanks to Fi at Amazon Fashion for not only commissioning the Gift Guide, but her support of the FMA and Becky, Charlie, Iaytan, Ellen and the team at Aisle8 who have been meticulous and a total joy to work with.