Fashion Minority Alliance Partners With Blurred On DE&I Survey


Fashion Minority Alliance, a Vogue Business 100 Innovator Class of 2023 Next-Gen Agitator, has appointed Blurred, a leading strategic and creative advisory firm, to conduct in-depth research into the state of diversity, equity and inclusion in the face of ESG reporting requirements in the fashion industry.

The research will assess the efforts of the fashion industry to achieve long-lasting cultural shifts towards an equitable, inclusive work environment. The study will look at representation of minority groups within the fashion industry, specifically exploring how companies are drawing in applicants from minority backgrounds, their ability to retain minority employees, and whether they are enabling their progression within organisations and the wider industry relative to non-minority employees.


As part of the research, Blurred will be using its expertise in ESGP (ESG + Purpose) to explore the gaps between intention and performance when it comes to minority representation.The final report will be published later in 2023.

The Fashion Minority Alliance is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote diversity and inclusivity across the fashion and beauty industry. FMA works with stakeholders to encourage and support meaningful change for BIPOC and Historically Marginalised talent. This research will provide the FMA with unique insights that will inform its future strategy and priorities, and how it will support its members to do more.

Alexis Williams, Chairman at Fashion Minority Alliance: “Fashion Minority Alliance is proud to have partnered with Blurred in this endeavour. The work will help get a deeper understanding of the status of DEI in the fashion industry. Providing support and guidance for individuals from Black and minority backgrounds is central to our work at FMA and this research will help us to strengthen our efforts.”

Nik Govier, Founder and CEO of Blurred said: “The Fashion Minority Alliance is a truly impactful organisation that is raising the standards of representation and diversity in the fashion industry. Diversity, Equity and inclusion are core to our values at Blurred, so we’re excited to be launching this much needed research with the Fashion Minority Alliance, and looking forward to delivering insights that can drive change.”